Residential Roofing

  • Roof Repairs-Replace damaged shingles-Reseal pipe jacks-Replace vents-Replace flashing-Seal nail holes. 
  • Roof Replacement-Remove all layers to the wooden decking, inspect and replace decking as needed-Install underlayment, Ice and water shield as needed, starter shingles, shingles and capping shingles.
  • Inspections-Boots on the roof- Look for imperfections on the whole roof.
  • Emergency Tarping-Cover damaged areas to keep water away for all areas under the damaged area.

Roof Replacement

When the time comes to have either a new roof installed or an existing roof replaced make sure to select a roofing contractor with the experience and skill to guide you through the process. There are so many roofing options in style, grade and color to choose from that our goal is to guide you through the process and make sure you understand all of the features and options available to you.

Roof Repairs

Roof damage after storm.

For small or large roof repairs we start with a full roof evaluation and assessment. We take the necessary steps to try and match any repair work as close as possible to the existing roof’s appearance. Learn more about roof repairs.