At JC Solutions, our number one goal is to help you protect your biggest investment – your home. Ensuring that your gutter system is clean and working properly is essential for preserving the life of your home. A gutter system is designed to collect water from the roof and route it away to protect the roof from structural damage. Gutter repairs are required immediately upon the gutters cracking or breaking to ensure no damage is done to your roof or siding. Routine maintenance is key to prolonging the lifespan of your roof and is essential for handling those heavy rains. When the gutter repair costs too much, installing a new gutter system may be a more viable option.

Types of Gutters

Gutter Systems are extremely important because they divert precipitation and debris away from the home, protecting it from damage. There is no universal design for gutter systems as every home & building is unique. Many factors such as roof pitch, square footage, and rainfall intensity play a part in the design of your system. JC Solutions creates a unique plan for your home or building to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your new gutters. Keep reading below to see one of the methods we use to help design your next project!

Roof Pitch Factor x Square Feet of First Floor x Local Maximum Rainfall Intensity = Effective Square Footage

We use this equation to help determine the Effective Square Footage of your home or building. This is the square footage of your roof that rain is able to hit. A slightly angled roof will generally have a lower Effective Square Footage compared to a high angled roof. A high angled roof will also require a larger gutter such as a 6-inch gutter, versus the low angled roofs that may only require a 5-inch gutter. As you can see, determining your home’s effective square footage is vital to creating an efficient design for your new gutter system.

Shur Flo Gutter Guards

Here at JC Solutions we are proud to be suppliers of the Shur Flo gutter guard. This product offers complete protection against clogging and does so at an affordable price. Another factor to consider is whether or not you want to invest in gutter guards with your new or existing system. Gutter guards are important because they help keep debris away so your gutters can work at their full potential. A lot of homeowners are beginning to invest in gutter guards for their home as a long-term solution.

Here is a sample breakdown of how you can save money with gutter guards:

Without gutter guards, homeowners spend roughly $300 or more on gutter cleaning every year. The average American home has roughly 250 feet of gutter (including downspouts) on their home, which could cost as low as $1500 to cover with gutter guards. This means your investment could pay off in less than 5 years! Not only that, but your gutter system would be free of clutter so it could operate at maximum efficiency.

Common services we provide are:

  • Gutter Installation
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Gutter Repair